Friday, June 20, 2008

dan in real life

i so enjoyed this movie. it's just the kind of movie i like. about people and relationships. it made me cry, it made me want to hug my mom, learn to play guitar, sing a song, kiss my husband. and it was quoteable! "this corn is like an angel." "love is not a feeling, it's an ability." "you are a murderer of love!"

the family togetherness was a little too unrealistic (but still left me warm and fuzzy). it was like a bunch of happy and fun family moments that normally would happen over a course of years were condensed into a holiday weekend. in "real life" these scenes/moments would be punctuated by long periods of bickering, whining, eye-rolling, boredom and messes.

i will probably watch it again tomorrow, and try to get jake to watch it. though, it's not really his type of movie....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the difference between geeks and nerds

i recently read an article about the differences between a geek and a nerd. i'm not sure i ever thought that one was thought to be a less offensive designation , but the author believed it was nerd (come to think of it, though, i do refer to myself as a nerd). anyhoo, one of the examples was that nerds will go to the midnight opening of the new starwars movie, but a geek will go dressed up as one of the characters.
the screen cap did not turn out so on pic for better view, i think.
i don't know if being very excited about this new feature of goodreads makes me a geek or a nerd, but i lack any shame in my love of trivia, and about books at that! could it get any better? i submit that it could not.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

serenity now!

so, my mil has a circle of serenity in her yard (i don't have a pic).
my sister in law has a square.

mama-in-law and me at jackie's square of serenity
i now have an oval of serenity!

it's where the pond used to be.
it's a lot more comfortable now.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

kielbasa, a bunch of grains, spinach....

update! i found it...,%20squash&rsc=rf_result1

this is an acorn squash stuffed with deliciousness. i made it in november, but i can still taste it. i don't even remember all that i put in it, or where i got the recipe, so it may have been a once in a lifetime experience. sigh.

What's this, you (and Brophy) might ask? well, it's the ophy. you win it if the your o's basketball teammates deem you worthy of possessing it for a week. this important honor is won at topper's pizza after the weekly games. topper's has the best salad bar ever. and the games are fun to watch.