Friday, February 29, 2008

catching up

ok, here are some pictures i took for the blog, but never posted....

i made sugary- cheesy-nutty goodness wrapped up in puff pastry for the superbowl. (no party, it was just me and jake). it was so good with slices of apples and baguette. (those are supposed to be footballs on top!)

it looks gross close-up, but trust me, it tasted pretty awesome.


i got a new pasta maker for christmas. (thanks, mama!) unfortunately, i left it at my in-laws, so i didn't get to make it until they came to visit a couple weeks ago. jake took pictures of me using the new machine, but they turned out terrible, so here is the finished product. i ate two huge bowls (fettucine with proscuitto and peas in cream cheese sauce--soooooo good!)

i finally framed a few wedding pictures and hung them up. what?! it's only been a year and a half!


chubbs and brophy: the stare-down.

so, brophy has been on a rather destructive streak lately. behold my (week-old) hat:

fortunately, he didn't rip any important pages...

but he makes up for it by being so dang cute!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the best candle ever

i am currently meandering the internet, enjoying the smell of my newest candle:

my lovely mother-in-law gave me this one as a valentine's gift. she bought it in avila beach, where i bought one when jake and i stayed there after the wedding. it's pricey, but completely worth it. the smell is strong, as in, it penetrates the whole house, but not strong as in naseous or head-ache inducing. the soy wax burns away completely, and it lasts forever. i received this candle for christmas:

and while nice, can't hold a well, you know, to my bluewick.