Monday, November 12, 2007

skinny jeans

i think one new pair of jeans a year is a must, at minimum. i bought three last year (all from marshalls and all three worth $100 each and totalled to less than that--i've got to get back there soon) and ended up only really liking one, and not loving it, because i had them hemmed a hair too short, so i can't wear them with heels, which is just as well, because i prefer flats. when i bought them, i attempted to try on some skinny jeans, but just wasn't ready to take the plunge. i work with teenagers, and though you can take fashion cues from them, i really don't want to copy them. but this year, this year i'm ready. it's ironic, because i distinctly remember the day i dared UN-pegging my pants and wearing straight legs (8th grade), then the first time i bought flares (sophomore year in college). they were acts of bravery i tell you. and the fashion has come full circle.
i haven't been able to find the camera for the past few days, so this picture from the website will have to do. anyhoo, i love them. they're comfortable, and what saves them from the horridness of previous narrow legged jeans and keeps them flattering is the low waist, (which isn't uncomfortable because of the fashion gods' gift of long shirts) and they are a wee bunchy in the ankle and not completely skin tight.
also the first pair of jeans i've ever ordered online (i don't have much time to shop these days--if it's not at the old navy or target by my house, i probably won't buy it...) and for the record, they're AE Skinny 77 Stretch Jean Dark Rinsed WashStyle: 0431-798899% Cotton, 1% Spandex from American Eagle. which, if i had to get a pair of jeans from there, it would by necessity be online, because i can't stand how loud they play the music in that store, which along with the moral victory of buying and wearing skinny jeans, is another sign that i am old.


J. Elle said...

Did you try these on before ordering them online?

kgn said...

no, isn't that amazing? usually one tries on several dozen pairs of jeans before alighting on the perfect fit, so i either lucked out, or these are the jeans for me.