Friday, January 4, 2008

i wouldn't go so far as to call it an "a-ha" moment...

so, i've been thinking about this topic for a while. i love that phrase "you learn something new everyday" because, while not always precisely true, it is a lovely idea. i love learning new things. the other day, robert at espresso espresso told me that while people often stumble in come morning time asking for a dark roast, but in the evening prefer a light roast, dark roast actually has less caffeine, because it's dissipated during the long cooking. now that was interesting. however, sometimes i learn new things, and i am embarrassed that i didn't learn them years and years ago, like the time my peers might have.

for example, not until driver's ed in 10th grade did i learn that this:

does not tell drivers that they are in the middleish part of california, where i in fact was, as i grew up there. (if you need such a broad landmark to tell you where you are, you probably should not be driving. however, this never occurred to me. i mean, look at california:. you can see the similarity in shape, can't you?)

another example happened just THIS YEAR. you know the phrase, "smooth move, ex-lax?" now, i always knew when you would USE this phrase, but only a few months ago did it dawn on me, the EXACT meaning of this phrase.i never had thought it was a particularly clever expression, but my curiosity went no further. now i know.

i know i have other examples of this. i actually find them really amusing. i don't always find it easy to laugh at myself, but in this case i can't help it, and i invite you all to laugh at me.

and in addition to marveling at what an idiot i can be, i will anticipate eagerly the next epiphany that everyone else in the world already knows.

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Melissa said...

That's too funny about the California map/merge sign.