Monday, August 11, 2008

super star!

so, it's no secret that i love my puppy, brophy. if you have seen us together recently, you may have been slightly sickened at how gaga i am over him. yust a widdle bit siwwy, i am. but, it's not just me, i swear! over at the breeder's from whence brophy came, they are trying to make their own brophy! they are breeding his mother and father together again trying to duplicate the cuteness and sweetness that is my pup. check it out! read about his mom and dad, then click on the link to see her past litters and check out their tribute to brophy. brophy's kennel name was adonis (appropriate), and clearly, he was the pick of the litter.

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Mom said...

He's a SUPERSTAR! It was fun seeing his puppy pics again. I went to the site a couple days ago & couldn'g find his past photos. Thanks for the link.