Tuesday, August 26, 2008

thoughts, unspecified

spotted on a minivan: a bumper sticker reading "minivans are tangible evidence of evil."
and then another bumper sticker reading "careful, that's a beverage" or something like that. then it had the web address www.lebowskifest.com. a week later i saw a similar bumper sticker, which made me curious. i guess i could actually look up the website, but i am more lazy than curious, i guess. i like the mystery?

i have, to my own chagrin, the song "rock me sexy, jesus" running through my head most days of the week.

i am smitten with smittenkitchen. i just made grapefruit yogurt poundcake, and i am in the middle of making kefta and zucchini kebabs. it smells so good i want to eat the meat raw. but i won't, i promise. i wish i had more pictures, but i cook in the later evening and it's dark when everything's done.

i just heard a good joke. it's not only that was bush born on third and thinks he hit a triple, but bush came into the office on third and then stole second. i'm listening to the speeches at the dnc on the radio. i'm pretty sure that most people reading this are republicans, so sorry.

i went back to school august 11th, school started the 19th. it's always a busy time. the counselors have to set up summer school before we leave, so it's hard to prepare for the beginning of school, and since i've been there, the schedules haven't been "loaded" until we get back from summer, so there is tons and tons of work to do in less than a week. i worked last saturday and sunday, trying to get everyone's schedules fixed before school started. maybe i was a wee too enthusiastic, because i completely strained my wrist, giving myself tendonitis, or wrist strain, unspecified. i like that phrase, unspecified. it's much more upscale than random. random has gone the way of totally. they used to be legitimate words, now they're just valley girl speak.

some one threw away these old athletic bags at school, and someone else dug them out of the trash, washed them, and gave them away at the staff party on saturday. i was pretty pleased with them and snatched two. there were extras...i don't think everyone appreciates the vintageness of them.

this is the fate of most of brophy's toys...poor little bear.

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K and El said...

poor little bear. i am looking at the carpet covered in fuzz...mr lion's guts. he is now a saliva covered shell of what he used to be. but, he is still their favorite. i am thinking about sewing him up, but i have to wash him before i am going to touch him that much.