Saturday, June 7, 2008

serenity now!

so, my mil has a circle of serenity in her yard (i don't have a pic).
my sister in law has a square.

mama-in-law and me at jackie's square of serenity
i now have an oval of serenity!

it's where the pond used to be.
it's a lot more comfortable now.


K & El said...

i like the last picture the best! serenity now! serenity now!!!!!!

Mama said...

This looks great! Now you can have a peaceful summer spot!
I agree with K & really like the last pic.

K & El said...

are you going to grow anything up the little wooden thing (what are they called? my mind went blank) you have on the wall?

kgn said...

yeah, we're trying to lure the gorgeous, formless bougainvillea that is in the corner to grow on the trellis. it's always been so healthy, but now in protest, it's fading...could be the heat, i guess.