Friday, July 25, 2008

by the way, life without coffee sucks

"last" cup of coffee: saturday @ 10 am

this cup of coffee: friday @ 2.30 pm
inbetween cups of coffee: incessant headache.

i bought this just because i liked the label.

i'm a sucker for packaging.


Mom said...

You could bring the cotents to me!!

J. Elle said...

Perhaps you are over the worst of it, but if not, I find Excedrin to be a huge help in getting off coffee. Take one (or two depending on the severity) when you feel the caffeine headache begin and after two days, you shouldn't need them anymore.

J. Elle said...

Reference the above post: please note I am not a licensed anything. I speak only from experience.

K & El said...

and it reminded you of me...right?! I had my first cup of coffee today in about 6 months.

I did quit diet coke though...cold turkey! I had one at costco and didn't really like it. I am now brewing green tea and keeping it in the fridge...yummmmm!