Wednesday, July 2, 2008

oops. subtitled: i did it again. alternately subtitled: i crapped my pants.

are you ever overwhelmed with the sense that every recent day has been filled with mistakes, and no matter how you resolve to be more careful, you are doomed to keep making them? forgetting about the candied pecans in the broiler until they are a black and smoky heap? leaving your cell phone and important papers in the reach of the puppy who loves to chew, not to mention the remote control and the NETFLIX DVD?!?! forgetting to get licenses for the dog and cat, resulting in a $200 ticket? mistakes make life so tedious and disappointing. sigh. now i have to clean up this mess i made and have lost enthusiasm for whatever i wanted to do.

somtimes, i get really morbid and start worrying about what future mistakes i am bound to make. since i am still healthy and all, and my mistakes have not yet been too damaging, sometime i'm bound to make a huge one. it's scary.

i wish i could say i'm like anne and i never make the same mistake twice, but alas, my cell phone has multiple teeth marks, i've wasted many pieces of garlic bread in the broiler, and i'm surprised i have any credit at all i forget about so many bills.

i guess all i can do is try to think of something positive, like this gem i found while looking for the anne link: anne and gilbert, the musical!

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J. Elle said...

How many times can I vote for the last option?