Thursday, September 20, 2007

jake's handiwork. subtitled: isn't domestic life thrilling?

in an effort to broaden (but not really) the topics explored thus far, i turn it over to jake. last week before he left for atlanta, the sink clogged up. while jake was checking it out, the faucet broke. now, the faucet sucked and was ugly and had a non-essential piece that kept coming off, but i delayed buying a new one as it was "unnecessary". so i believe the delayed gratification gods blessed me with this event. a new faucet, guilt-free! unfortunately, the homeowner gods frowned upon jake, as he spent almost the whole day taking out the old faucet (welded in?) and placing this one in, and repairing the part of the sink that got damaged by his gargantuan efforts to remove the former. but all's well that ends well, and i have a pretty new faucet that really improves the kitchen (in that it's all i see when i walk in, instead of the the not-so-awesome tile and old dingy dishwasher!) plus, the nozzle detaches and has a shower mode! lots of fun!

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Inside the Pages said...

Again I say TGIF.
Six hours of filing STAR scores in cum files has me hang-nailed and ready for the weekend. Have a great one. I am considering "editing" my blog and making it public. We'll see.