Friday, September 21, 2007

save the turtles

i hate plastic bags. i don't have enough uses for them and every trip to the store results in what seems like dozens of bags. why must they put only 2 or 3 items in each bag? the worst place is target. they'll put a bar of soap in one bag and a candy bar in another. i ALWAYS ask them to put it all in one bag (they protest because they're "trained" not to put food with cleaning products. are they trained to not do what customers ask? clearly, the answer is yes) or not put stuff in bags at all. my car is 300 yards away. i can carry a rubbermaid container just as easily in my hands as in a bag. one time, a checker tried to convince me to put a measuring cup in a bag instead of a basket i was also purchasing. a basket that is designed to HOLD THINGS AND BE PORTABLE. "really? are you sure you don't want a bag?" is asked with the same level of doubt as, "really? are you sure you want to operate that forklift after those sake bombs and benadryl?" the worst thing is, you're pushing so many buttons on the atm machine (yes 25.45 is ok. yes, i authorized 25.45. no i don't want cash back. yes, 25.45 is still ok. i don't have a problem with 25.45. i'm sure.) that they've already practically removed each cheezit from the box and put them in separate bags before you even realize it.

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