Sunday, September 16, 2007

my dream is coming true

to the right of this post is a short list of my dreams. one of them, owning a boston terrier has/will come true. that is, i've paid (a lot) for my new puppy, but i won't possess him until i pick him up in coulterville (near modesto) on sept. 22. so if possession is nine tenths of the law...

anyhoo, he is the most adorable guy ever. i had settled on a name, brophy, but then remembered how cute i think the name henry is, and now i have a dilemma. i may wait until i meet him and see how i feel, how he responds. i'm sure i can research what phonemes dogs respond better too, and as i don't make many decisions with out researching them, i may in fact search for this information.

pictures of my gorgeous puppy can be viewed at
his kennel name is "adonis"


Inside the Pages said...

I vote Brophy because I've already thought of him that way in my head so many times and because his photos suggest a sly side and when I picture a Henry, there is no slyness, only staidness.

kgn said...

yeah, i've pretty much gotten attached to brophy myself. maybe the next male dog can be henry.