Sunday, March 9, 2008

one of our favorite meals

bbq chicken and bacon pizza, with garlic & herb crust from trader joe's. usually made with trader joe's bbq sauce, which i adore and usually eat a couple spoonfuls plain while i'm making it. i think it reminds me of mcdonalds sauce, but definitely better. anyhoo, this time made with dr. pepper bbq sauce, a christmas gift from me to jake. it doesn't really taste like dr. pepper. this is jake's favorite pizza, and despite its lack of veggies, it may be mine, too.

so, to compensate for no veggies, we had a wedge salad which is defintely in the top two or three salads for both of us.

1/4 head of iceberg (nutritionally underrated. actually a great source of folic acid.) blue cheese dressing, crumbled bacon. a bit of left over tomato salad consisting of heirloom red, orange and green tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil and basil. sans red onions that usually top this salad in restaurants--we don't like them!

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K & El said...

I want this pizza...NOW! I am very sad we don't have a trader joes here. I will have to check for pizza dough then add some garlic and herbs. I want to go right now, but I am too lazy.