Sunday, March 16, 2008

pup and circumstance

brophy done us proud.
for his last day of class, brophy was again banished from the small dog pen (stupid--but adorable--diesel). but he was vindicated when his pal lito thought diesel was boring and whined to get in the big dog pen with brophy.
lito and brophy are great pals. brophy has a slight size and strength advantage, but lito's more pointed snout makes him champion of the neon frisbee that's in his mouth.
the only picture of diesel i got. not because he moved too much, but because all the other doggies kept running in my shot! he was really sweet and mellow. jake and i are now considering a greater swiss mountain dog when we're ready for a big dog.
for his graduation demonstration, brophy had to sit, lie down, stay, leave-it and do a recall. everyone "wowed" his leave-it, and though his stay was between a sit and a down (he dislikes cold floors), and though his recall wasn't obeyed until the trainer pointed him to me (brophy's a very in-the-moment puppy, and the trainer had treats!) he has clearly mastered his basic commands.
brophy was also teacher's pet when he demonstrated shake/high-five for the class, then hung out and sniffed while the rest of the class tried to learn how. aww, my heart was all swelled up and we (jake and i) were both grinning big!


K & El said...

Mr. Broph looks very distinguished next to his diploma. "good dog" "ruff!"

Melissa said...

Aww. Congrats to Brophy!

Diesel is cute. My old boss had a Swissy and it's the other breed we considered before we got Daphne. They are very sweet and mellow (and furry).

K & El said...

HAHA! pup and're so clever!