Sunday, March 9, 2008

to kasey: in response to comment about fettucine with prosciutto and peas

well, i was attempting to make this recipe, and didn't have anything but 1% milk. so i threw in that and three single-serving packets of cream cheese (that i had because when the nixons came to visit, i bought bagels at the coffee shop). they were about a tbsp each. it was really good, and i think that the shallots were really important to the flavor. i also substituted prosciutto for bacon, which i recommend crisping briefly in a skillet, otherwise, it's too chewy.


K & El said...

I will prob make it with chicken...then add some prosciutto for el on the top...what do you think? how did jake react to the green things in his pasta?

kgn said...

jake: "i didn't go out of my way to avoid them." !!!